CGC Cards

The CGC, or Certified Guaranty Company, is a leading third-party grading service for comic books and other collectibles. Founded in 2000, CGC evaluates and grades comic books based on their condition and assigns them a grade on a scale from 0.5 to 10.0, with 10.0 being the highest grade possible.

Comic books graded by CGC are encased in a tamper-evident, protective holder to preserve their condition and prevent any alteration to the product. The grading process conducted by CGC involves a team of experienced professionals who assess factors such as the comic book's structural integrity, page quality, and overall appearance in order to determine its grade accurately.

CGC provides collectors and enthusiasts with an objective assessment of a comic book's condition, which can significantly impact its value in the collector's market. Due to this, many collectors prefer CGC-graded comic books because of the assurance in quality and authenticity provided by the grading team and CGC’s processes.

In addition to comic books, CGC also offers grading services for other collectibles, including trading cards, magazines, event tickets and concert posters. The company's reputation for consistency and accuracy has made it a trusted authority in the world of comic book collecting and hobbyist grading.