Mascot, formerly known as Slabfolio - is an inventory management platform and multi-sales channel distribution network for collectibles. The Mascot platform offers the fastest and easiest way to manage and sell your collectibles. Sellers can commence selling on the world’s most trusted marketplaces simultaneously in just minutes.

Their sport cards inventory management system serves as a comprehensive point of sale system, facilitating the management and distribution of inventory across multiple marketplaces. Users can efficiently track card costs and revenue through purchase orders and invoices, with accurate reporting reflecting realised gains and losses. The Mascot platform enables users to create portfolios of their cards and seamlessly distribute them with a single push of a button.

Key features include:

  • Sports Cards distribution across multiple marketplaces with one push of a button
  • Automatic invoice creation upon the sale of a card
  • Prevention of double sales by removing the sold card from all other marketplaces
  • Visualization of the entire Sports Cards collection from the portfolio view
  • Ability to add multiple users and set permissions