Majesty Grading Company

MGC is recognized as a leading authority in Pokémon, sports, TCG, stickers, packs, and ticket grading services within the UK. With its expert authentication, grading, and encapsulation services, MGC inspires confidence among collectors across various TCGs such as Pokémon, Dragon Ball Super, and Yu-Gi-Oh, as well as European and American sports cards, stickers, packs, and tickets.

Majesty Grading Co. emerged to offer the UK and EU a superior and accessible grading service tailored for every member of the collectable community. Their cutting-edge cases and label technology lead the charge against counterfeiting and fraud, integrating microchips, tamper-proof holographic designs, individual serial numbers, hidden MGC serial numbers, UV security ink, and our groundbreaking MGC Secure tech™.

Being based in the UK, MGC provides the quickest turnaround time for local collectors, ensuring swift service without the prolonged wait times associated with international shipping. Located in Hertfordshire's Business & Technology Centre, MGC's facilities boast advanced machinery and AI authentication equipment. Utilising microchips and tamper-proof features to guarantee authenticity, establishing new standards in security and peace of mind.