Heritage Auctions

Heritage Auctions is one of the largest auction houses globally, specialising in a wide array of collectibles, including but not limited to U.S. & World Coins, Rare Currency, Fine & Decorative Art, American Art, Illustration Art, Modern & Contemporary Art, Urban Art, Comic Books & Comic Art, Movie Posters, Entertainment & Music Memorabilia, Jewelry & Timepieces, Luxury Handbags, Sports Collectibles, Historical & Political Memorabilia, Rare Books & Manuscripts, Ethnographic Art, & Space Exploration Memorabilia, Civil War Memorabilia, Photographs, Nature & Science, Fine and Rare Wine, Luxury Real Estate, Pop Culture Collectibles, and more. 

Founded in 1976 by Steve Ivy and Jim Halperin, Heritage Auctions has grown into a prominent player in the auction industry, known for its extensive catalogue of items and its commitment to customer service and transparency. Heritage Auctions is recognized as the largest collectibles auctioneer and the third largest auction house globally, and it holds the distinction of being the largest auction house established in the United States.  The auction house conducts both live and online auctions, allowing bidders from around the world to participate in acquiring sought-after collectibles. 

With a reputation for integrity and expertise, Heritage Auctions has become a trusted destination for collectors, investors, and enthusiasts seeking exceptional items of value. The organisation stands as the uncontested leader in its field on the Internet, boasting over 1.5 million registered online bidder-members on HA.com spanning all 195 countries. Heritage also employs specialists in various fields who provide expert insights and evaluations, ensuring the authenticity and quality of the items featured in its auctions.

Heritage Auctions' commitment to excellence and its wide-ranging selection of collectibles have solidified its position as a premier destination for both buyers and sellers in the global auction market.